p4pb5367415.jpgA slopestyle event (together with bmx racing and dirt best trick) will take place on 2nd of July 2011 in Lublin, Poland. The competition is called LublinSuperSession. This is the second edition, a year ago it was called Lublin Off The Track, but we had to change the name of this event.

I'd like to ask you for placing information on your webpage. If you like, I can send also additional informations two/three weeks before event (some kind of "course walk" photos/video) and some detailed information.Thanks in advance. Last year few Czech riders like Thomas Zejda started in our event.

Some information about the event (2nd of July 2011, Lublin, Poland (Europe Union):
Slopestyle competition,
Bmx Racing competition (one of Polish Cup edition)
Dirt Jump Best Trick


Some photos from last year (for your information):

Video from last year (for your information):

Event homepage

Example how news can look like (unfortunatelly I dont speak Czech language):
Any plans for 2nd of July 2011? The holidays are about to begin and the slopestyle event LublinSuperSession, Bike Park in Lublin seems a good idea to start this summer. Similarly to last year, riders have two slopestyle lines (with a number of wooden and dirt stunts) at their disposal. Drops, whales, dirts, step-ups, stepdowns are waiting for the riders. In addition, the best trick competition at the dirt and Polish Cup BMX Racing #3 will take place.
There are also some attractions planned for the spectators: great tricks, mini bike fair, and during the breaks – ‘crazy compos’ with gadgets from our sponsors. Traditionally, Rudy is commentating the event.
Moreover, to promote the event, there is going to be built a dirt in the center of Lublin. A rider invited by the organizers is going to show everyone the dirt and slope tricks. It will be possible to join the rider and jump in the city center.


Bike park

Although winter and the spring melt had the negative influence on the condition of bike park, our brave shapers supported by heavy equipment have already managed to tidy up bmx, dirt and slope. These two last mentioned parts, undergo some cosmetic changes. Last year there were some reservations about the first drop – after modifications we are sure you will have a lot of fun. This year you will be able to reach a bit higher speed on the spine.
Lublin SuperSession Schedule
10:15am Opening
10:30-12:00am BMX training
11:00-01:00pm Slopestyle training
12:00-12:30pm BMX time-trial
12:30-01:30pm BMX preliminaries
01:30-02:15pm Slopestyle preliminaries
02:15-03:00pm BMX final
03:00-04:00pm Slopestyle final
04:00-05:00pm dirt best trick
05:00pm Awarding

The pool of prizes for the competitors is no less than €1000, additionally mobiles and gadgets.
Photos and video from last year’s competition:


Facebook: LublinSuperSession


The Bike Park is built on the sports grounds at Janowska Street, close to Zalew Zemborzycki in Lublin. It is the southern part of the city. You cannot miss it when you go down Janowska Street – there are eye-catching banners of the bike park. The bike park is open daily until 9pm, except for rainy days. Details, changes and opening hours:
Directions from the railway station (pkp)
After leaving the railway station building turn left to Krochmalna Street. At the first roundabout take the first right, at the second one take the third exit to Nadbystrzycka Street. Just before the second roundabout you can ride into the bicycle lane – go left to the south (against the river stream). After 3 km you will get to Rąblwoska Street, where the signpost of the bike park is placed. If you prefer riding along the streets: after reaching Nadbystrzycka Street take the first left, go past the railway viaduct (again you can turn into the bicycle lane), the street leads you slightly upward. After 3 km you will see the signpost of the bike park.

Suggested accomodation  

Quite cheap, tested last year by the riders (300 m from the bike park)
Summer cottages by Zemborzycki Zalew – 700m  from the bike park:

Dąbrowa Camping:

Last year it was possible to put up a tent next to the bike park. It will probably be possible this year.

Regards,Zbigniew Iwanczuk

LublinSuperSession Team